What Does RightCycle Trading Actually Mean? What’s a Trading Cycle?

Now that’s an obvious question because of the name of this site, RightCycleTrading.com, but a very important question to understand in the markets. Because if you understand the concept marketplace having Cycles then you can now differentiate between the entry versus the anti-entry.

The Anti-Entry?

Oh yes this is the part of the cycle that you want to be exiting or you want to avoid. And the problem is this Anti-Entry part of the cycle is the most wooing and enticing. Novice Traders and intermediate traitors get sucked into the Anti-Entry part of the cycle on a regular basis. That put you on the wrong side of the markets and that’ll put you on the wrong side of a cycle of price action. Through our courses, our new RightCycle MASTERY program, systems and strategies we teach you how to avoid the Anti-Entry and be ready for the Entry part of a cycle. And the trick is, can tho it may seem cerebrally easy outside of the marketplace in real time, in trading it’s not as easy until you know how to obtain mastery of the inner game as well as the strategic outer game. There will be no long-term success in trading without the mastery of both.

The site was previously named RightSide even though we believe we came out first with the name there’s another website that deals with the same name so we figured to avoid the conflict of confusion. But then we thought a bit more the concept of “RightSide” having its own meaning. And it sounds great. But RightCycle is more descriptive of what’s actually going on in the marketplace and how we need to interact with the marketplace more specifically.

What’s a cycle? Well you can look at the seasons that’s a cycle. Night and day sun and moon rotation is a cycle. Your dishwasher can go through a cycle. A series of events is a cycle: the starting point, various steps in between and the completion of the cycle. And this cycle is a repeatable series when triggered or if in an automated loop like the sun in the moon. There are all sorts of Cycles in life and there are all sorts of Cycles in the market. And the Cycles we mostly deal with are the cycles within price action, yes the beautifully complex yet highly mathematical world of price action on price charts.

There are swing Cycles. There are Trends Cycles. There are weekly price action Cycles within the week. There are weekly price action Cycles between weeks. Their monthly price action Cycles. There are Cycles associated with options expiration on a monthly basis and on a weekly basis. There are Fibonacci series Cycles. There are Fibonacci ratio Cycles. Plus many others. And within each cycle are different ways to exploit the markets for profits and lots of profits.

Now when we talk about making profits or making money we don’t consider a success no matter how great it is that is only achieved on rare occasion to be success at all in trading. Success in trading comes from being able to continually net out of profit on an average basis over a series of deals done perpetually. Just like in business there must be revenue and the revenue must be greater than the cost in order to profit.

Success in trading comes from being able to make a profit, keep the profit and then grow that profit, compounding the profit over time. Just making a great score here and there is not going to do a whole lot in terms of overall practical life. So it’s important to get you understand the process of price action Cycles in the marketplace so you can exploit them repeatedly over and over and over… Perpetually.

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