RightCycle MASTERS Program – Mastering Getting and Staying on the Right Side of the Markets


Master Getting and Staying on the Right Side of the Markets by Mastering the Many Different Types of Cycles in the Markets…

So here is how we do it:

  1. We give you monthly training, a strategy and an action plan, “homework”, for mastery, so you assimilate that strategy and so you understand the new type of profit cycle.
  2. We give you a set of core education from the inner game so how to react to price charts.
  3. We teach you pitfalls to avoid that are critical to know for short, medium and long term success that only long-term successful traders would know.
  4. We teach you the inner game insights that many people don’t understand and we can do so because that’s our thing.
  5. So you get a new RightCycle strategy per month with the potential ot help you make money, a lot of money.   And we give you a “homework” action plan for how to master that strategy.     That’s the bottom line thing you need to move forward. 
  6. By being a RighCycle member you’ll save thousands vs. purchasing our strategies individually. 
  7. Plus you’ll get strategies from our treasure chest and new evolved, improved strategies and new discoveries we make as we move forward.    This membership allows us to get content to you quickly without the large time it takes to formally publish a product.  So this is another reason we do this membership making it a win for you and for us at the same time.   This is also why we’re charging~$130/mo instead of $1,495.00/mo.
  8. Please do understand that even just one of our strategies has the power to set you financially free.
  9. We want to teach you how to master these strategies.
  10. And then we want to teach you on how to compound the mastery and use of these strategies in a synergistic way so you can turn into one of those new class Ultra Traders, one of the highest forms of trader on the planet.

We decided to launch this Mastery Program to help you accelerate your progress toward learning how to get on the right side for the marketplace in sync with the marketplaces Cycles instead of continually going against these cycles of the marketplace as most people do.

What is it? Well we asked this question: “How do we get aspiring traders as fast as possible on the right side so they stop getting sucked into the market place’s traps and they start getting in sync with the right cycle of price action in the market place? And then how can we train our students to make a habit out of RighCycle trading for consistent winning and compounding net profiting?”

So we developed this program called RightCycle MASTERS and it works!

We give you monthly training, a strategy and an action plan, “homework”, for mastery, so you assimilate that strategy and so you understand the new type of profit cycle.

As you stack up the monthly training, you become a more powerful trader. Eventually, our goal is to see someone write up about your incredible success in the markets, maybe becoming one of those next “Market Wizards”.

The Inner Game…

You really have to understand the inner game call the marketplace that goes on in the thought and emotion realm.

And then you need to understand the language of the marketplace as communicated on to price charts (kind of how music is notated on a piece of paper).

And then you need to learn how to react to the price patterns on a price chart. And then on top of that you need to learn how to react to the price charts in coordination with what’s going on in your cerebral mind and in your heart (emotions).

Because if you don’t take care of the mind and the heart and master that coordination with the markets there will be no long-term success as you can see from trader success stories and failure stories over the past 100 years from books.

Yes if you do not master The Head and The Heart even some of the greatest trading success stories can end up in failure. Without inner game mastery of the markets you will always become vulnerable to some odd emotionalized thought trickery that can put you in a position for trouble. Learn now so you can avoid that.

We have expertise and other skills that have been mentioned above such as high level classical music performance and athletics. Our experience & insight derived from that experience has allowed us to become very good at understanding price patterns but also while being able to tune into the inner voice of the markets and the underlying mood and emotional line of the flow of price.

Also don’t forget that we have developed hundreds and hundreds of trading systems overtime, very good ones, so we have a lot of insight from that as well.

In Order to Start Winning Consistently in the Markets

  • You’ll need multiple forms of learning from multiple angles on how the market works and how you can interpret the market to get onto the right cycle of the markets.
  • You’ll need to know the hidden pitfalls to avoid and throughout training in them so you understand them. You don’t need to understand them and assimilate them so you don’t do them into the future. And these are hidden pitfalls that only a multi decade experienced, successful veteran could explain. You may see lists of “pitfalls to avoid” in various books and websites, as we have seen, that are not very helpful, and often they have no idea what they are talking about.
  • And now we will get down to the nitty-gritty in specific strategies. The great thing about RightCycle MASTERS Program – Mastering Getting and Staying on the Right Side of the Markets is that we can release many strategies that we just simply would have not done that are extremely valuable.
  • We were limited in the past because it just simply takes a lot of work to put out all the marketing material online which ends up distracting us from developing systems and trading them. And with trading systems and strategies that can’t be hired out. Maybe one day we’ll figure out how to make it easier to do all that website work social media and all that jibber jabber junk of tedious time-wasting endless menial tasks but in short we can use this membership to put out these powerful strategies to YOU that you would not get access to otherwise. If I were you I would certainly join and stay a member since I know the strategies that are to be released.
  • Some of you, I bet will go on to become some of our Hall of Fame students breaking into the six seven and 8 figure realm in your trading accounts. If you believe you can achieve.  But in order to achieve you’re going to need the strategies. And we will teach you some really really good strategies for trading.
  • Money management position sizing optimizing for maximal profits is key. Many have gotten confused trying to trade with the smallest position as possible because they read it in a book somewhere as if it’s some noble thing. Instead what we want is to find the optimal position size that will give us the most profits for long term durability. And that includes staying in the market and compounding money over time.
  • Trading business logic:  Most people have no clue about how to turn trading into an actual business. These people talk about trading as a business trading as a business blah blah blah and they never owned a real business. What business? Mortar real world Disney no online business not count. Bricks-and-mortar world businesses force you into all sorts of regulations bookkeeping in math that force you to know your numbers. It was a great experience owning real-world bricks-and-mortar professional businesses. It helped us get prospective on how to cross apply towards Trading like a real business. Once you learn how to turn your trading into an actual Trading Company you have a very powerful thing which also sets your mindset in a very organized in serious way.
  • RightCYCLETrading.com is the domain this means that it has a more broad approach to the markets meaning that we can teach you how to trade various instruments. But understand for those who don’t have a lot of experience in the market, with our strategies and education you can most certainly apply these strategies across different marketplaces whether it’s for Forex to stocks to binary options to vanilla options to even cryptocurrencies… Times you’ll need to tweak a little here and there but that’s weak won’t be a big deal and you can usually ask us about it.
  • Member participation: With your membership you can ask us trading questions and let us know things that you would like to learn and overcome in trading.  And we can create the answer to this into actual content we can put in your membership so you can access it whenever you want. Now that’s powerful. I wish I had that when I was a whippersnapper…
Get Started Now and Start Learning.  $1,497/month  $120/month if you’re one the first 200 students.

It is important for you to learn the ways of the RightCycle trading so you can reprogram yourself to always be on the right side of the market.

You will learn how to transform yourself turning yourself into an extraordinary trader that can with intent and with goal-setting, can turn yourself into an incredibly profitable high level stock, options or other instrument trader overtime.

How are we going to accomplish this?

We’re going to show you how in your monthly education primarily through video training on how to identify trading Cycles visually and intuitively. We will also you about the “inner game” (what goes on in your head and your heart), the inner voices, and how to turn them into your advantage.

You’re going to learn about price cycles in the markets which sounds like a little thing but it’s actually a big thing because once you know the ebb and flow of price action and the underlying inner voice of the marketplace, the momentum Cycles, the emotional line of price action and the breathing cycle of a Marketplace in addition to many other types of Cycles, such as mathematical ratios, number sequencing, seasonal cycling and time cycling and so on… you’ll start to crack the code of the inner Matrix of all price action. And once you understand the Matrix you can pretty much know with great probability where the market is going to go.



Get Started Now and Start Learning:

Get Trading Strategies Like These in the RightCycle MASTERS Program Each Month, Teaching You How to Become a More and More Powerful Trader, Month after Month after Month…

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