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RightCycle MASTERS Program – Mastering Getting and Staying on the Right Side of the Markets

RightCycle MASTERY training program teaches you a new powerful trading strategy each month. We teach you how to apply the strategy and master it so you can assimilate it and use it on command in the markets. We also cover variety of factors including trading business logic in math plus Mastery of the inner game of trading.

  • Learn a new strategy that will put you on the right side of the markets and keep you there.
  • Learn trading strategies for day trading, swing trading,  Trend trading and micro swing Trading
  • Plus learn strategies for pops trading as well and all sorts of cash grabbing styles of strategies.

RightCycle Trading Strategies- Increase Your Accuracy. Increase Your Profit Opportunities, Dramatically…

MEGABUILDER9 Big Trend Big Move Trading Strategy

Sometimes we just work too hard for a pay check. So what if you could work maybe 30 minutes a month average, roughly and ride monster moves with very large probability and average massive reward to risk ratios? Well then you’d have the potential to become the next Turtle Trader wouldn’t you…

This is an important strategy to employ and can be done while you do other forms of trading. Really, it’s a terrible thing to miss this MEGABUILDER9 moves; it’s like throwing away massive amounts of money. MEGABUILDER9 moves, in our opinion, should be played even with a tiny position although MEGABUILDER9 is suited for more hefty position sizing.

  • Ride big trends and giant power trends
  • Have huge reward to risk ratios
  • Use MEGABUILDER9 on stocks, options, futures, forex, cryptos etc..
KATANA3 Big Chunk Precision Profit Grabber Strategy
Use KATANA3 strategy to potentially totally transform your trading. Be able to get in on the RideSide of the markets time after time to be able to trade those nice juicy breakout moves only, time after time.

  • Trades stock, options, futures, forex, cryptos etc
  • Swing trading and power move trading breakouts on day bars with KATANA3
  • Start to love trading again or even more because know you’ll feel like you’ve finally “got the markets down pat” getting on the RightSide of the market place strategically with each trade by using KATANA3 .
  • Optimize with hot opportunities on a variety of stocks or other instruments to ride incredible moves with KATANA3 .
  • KATANA3 the way you look at the markets and build huge confidence
QUATRO4 Precision High Velocity Swing Trading Strategy
QUATRO4 is a heavy duty, high velocity, high probability strategy for a highly motivated move to ride with stock, options, futures, forex etc. Turning this strategy into a habit can help make you a very powerful trader.

  • Use QUATRO4 for stacking power swing after power swing which often can develop into a power trend.
  • If you have a real goal of actually getting rich from trading then you’ll want to add QUATRO4 strategy to your arsenal.
  • You’re going to feel terrible that you didn’t know QUATRO4 before and then you are going to feel super excited that you do now know this method.

RightCycle Trading Systems – Start  Your Own Trading Business

RightCycle1 Stocks & Options System

RightCycle1 UTLRA Options & Stock Trading System – Cash Flow Swing Trading

This is a fantastic new system discovery that evolved out of layers of systems development over the years.

  • Meets the desire of wanting to have a clear plan of action without having to guess what to do next.

  • Has much clarity to the entries and exits.

  • Has a good feel to trade making it enjoyable to trade.

  • Can have great accuracy and also has the ability to produce A LOT of profit points!

  • This is a swing trading method so we look to trade stocks that swing well

Check out more information.  

RightCycle4 Options Micro Swing Trading System

RightCycle4 “Micro Dominator” Options & Stock Trading System

RightCycle4 is an exciting newer development in the RightCycle Micro Swing Trading Approach that gives us a serious edge and great reward to risk ratios.   If you’re looking to dominate in your trading of stocks and options more aggressively then you’ll want to take a look at this RightSide4 Micro Dominator System.

  • Trades on micro level (usually between 30 min bars to 4 hour bars, mostly 1 hour to 2 hour bars) so we can get into swings, power swings, power trends and micro pops with better entries and exits for more points usually vs the “clunky” day bars.

  • Better risk to reward ratios since we are using micro bars that usually have much smaller ranges vs. day bars.

  • Better clarity and control.

  • Great precision over time shown with our method of approach.

  • Micro Swing trading can get one in and out of a position more quickly, even intraday (mostly on a position reversal stop out) so with that ‘pattern day trading rule’ (although RightSide4 trades are usually not that frequent) you’ll need a $25k account if you plan on not holding the position overnight vs. stopping out before the market close.  That said you can simple just hold a position overnight.

RightCycle 5 Options Big Trend Trading System

RightCycle BIG – Big Trends Trading System for Stocks and Longer Term Options

Discover trend trading.  Discover the wisdom of making things much EASIER.    Extremely fun system and it makes trading like you always thought it could be (or have experienced before) which is fun, enjoyable and exciting.

  • Stop getting beat up by short term trading.  It’s like shorter and shorter term trade sucks people in, into a giant cesspool of trading account carnage, you know, in a similar way to the Sirens of Odysseus.   

  • Many to most aspiring traders think they need to start of small and build.  They think that they need to tackle the world of day trading, the HARDEST way to trade, before moving to the easier, more profitable ways to trade.  That’s not very logical is it.  There’s too much panic in the now now now in trading these days and a person in this mindset is easy pickings for the marketplace.  Slow is the new FAST.  Trade big trends and watch your whole world turn around in trading for the bitter. 

  • Discover the secret:  “the slower you move with money the faster you will tend to make money”. 

  • In the markets: the popularized saying “Money loves speed” does not go over well because speed to gain often begets speed to lose.  The emotional realm of faster and fasters trading is  just too intense on the short term for most.

  • Home run trading = big account advances (and without having an account get hacked up from trading too much.)  So get RightCycle BIG Trends Trading System and start habitually putting it to work!

RightCycle2 Options Trading Signals and system

RightCycle 2 Systems Deal with the RightCycle Approach of Getting in On the Right Side of the Consolidation Breakout Cycle of the Markets – Which is the Nemesis of All Novice Trader Who Get Sucked into the Wrong Side of this Cycle. Now You Can Have an Exact System for Being Able to Cerebrally Get in On the Right Side of this Price Action Phenomenon.

RightCycle3 Options Trading Signals and system

RightCycle3 System Deals with the Fascinating World of Price Action within Price Ranges and the Price Range Matrix. We Look to Get on the RightCycle of Price Action Through the Price Range Matrix:

RightCycle 6 Stocks & Options Net Worth Builder Trading System
RightCycle6 Stocks and Options Net Worth Developer System

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