Have You Ever Had So Much Cash Flow You Didn’t Even Know What To Do With It?

We would like to give you this problem 🙂

Now that may seem a bit tacky to say here but we need to start thinking a little bigger if we want to break through all the jibber jabber and nonsense at the marketplace – so making statements like this as gaudy as it seems may be able to help.

You actually need an ego. You need to Believe in yourself. You need to think and believe you are a great Trader. You need these things in order to achieve success. You will become what you believe you are. So it’s very important to get clarity on that right now.

Now I’m not talking about pride because pride is essentially what? Lying? Pretty much. It’s goofy stuff. And people get confused between pride and belief in themselves.

Tell you what, it will be very smart for you to figure out the difference in yourself right now or as fast as possible before some dimwit tries to tell you some nonsense since they are confused about what ego, winning mindsets and belief in self vs. pride and put you down thereby inspiring into you a wrong, losing mindset or even flat out causing you failure.

There are A LOT of LOSERS out there who did not take action to do what it takes to succeed.  Now they are bitter.  And they want to bring everyone else down around them since they don’t have the character to stop whining and start working hard to make it happen themselves.  Get away from these people.  They are like a disease.  And you don’t want to catch what they have in their heads and hearts.

You do understand that we are trying to take the money from the marketplace in the marketplace is trying to take money from us right?

It’s a battle and only the strategic and systematic tend to survive and thrive over the long term. That’s why we’ve developed trading systems and trading strategies over the years.

We realized at one point in time, that we can simply take our talent and high levels of focus, even strenuous levels of intuitive focus and translate this genius into a simple set of rules. After all that work and strain, all of that success can be simply translated into a simple set of rules:  abc 123.  It’s pretty wild.  And not only does being able to translate our gut level or genius level type of intuition into rules for our benefit, for greater productivity and profitability, it also allows us to teach you these rules too, that is, if you want to learn them…

Quite frankly I was personally flabbergasted when I saw that my highly profitable methods that took tons of concentration, hours upon hours a day were simply able to be translated into a few set of easy rules I can do a few minutes at night. On one hand I was kind of annoyed that I didn’t know this before but on the other hand I was elated because wow now I can do my methods much more frequently just by following a simple set of rules.

Pretty wild. If you’re not used to being systematic or strategic it will take some getting used to but it’s well worth the effort and the effort really isn’t that much compared to learning and mastering other things.

Yes I would say the learning curve in trading can be one of the smallest compared to any other business if one applies them self.

A lot of people treat trading as a gimmick and they don’t take it seriously so then obviously they will not succeed. But you’re not that way. Right? You’re going to start becoming a master trader because you’re going to take the markets seriously. You’re going to set trading goals and you’re going to make them happen. You are going to do those little steps that it takes to succeed aren’t you! We believe in you and you can do it.  Yes. It’s time to roll up the sleeves and become a high level master trader, a trading virtuoso in fact. 

We have made systems and strategies for you to help you get started right away. Also we have this really neat new program we call RightCycle MASTERS where we teach you how to become a great great strategic trader all the way into the realms of what we call “Super Strategy Trader” which is a virtuoso level of trader that can make money in just about any sort of market price action scenario.

RightCycle MASTERS is monthly coaching with doable education assignments you do each month. Plus we teach you a new most excellent cycle based strategy and how to master it.  The value of this is well I don’t know how to value it… because if you go on to hit 7, 8, 9 maybe even 10 figs, while getting yourself into those “Market Wizards” types of books – well how do you value that?

Yes this program has that potential and possibility training you to get to that level overtime as some of our students have reported excellent levels of achievement. I hope you share how you are doing with us, especially the good but even in the bad (maybe we can help fix the problems).

Knowing what I know now I would certainly sign up!



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