RightCycle4 Options Micro Swing Trading System

RightCycle4 Micro Swing Options Trading System for Stocks and Options

Wanna “Get Rich” and Do So with Precision and Control So You Can Trade a Bit More Aggressively?

RightCycle4 Trading System Goes “Behind the Scenes” – Real “Insider Information” that is Revealed on Price Charts, More Specifically “Micro” Price Charts that Give You Mind Blowing Insight to the Start of Big Swings, Mini Swings, Price Pops and Immense Power Trends…

Not only will you learn a TON of valuable insight with this trading system which is taught in a video home study course, you could develop a dominant trading style that you could use for life.

For life?  How is that?  Aren’t the markets changing all the time?  Yes they seem to be changing all the time if you indulge in the emotional experience of the market, but No the markets don’t change based on the past 100 years plus history in that price action follow patterns, ratios, sequences, even a “math matrix” off of which we can identify and exploit for an edge.

RightCycle4 Stocks & Options Micro Swing System Box

RightCycle4 Micro Swing Options Trading System for Stocks and Options

This is an exciting newer development of the RightSide Micro Swing Trading Approach that gives us a serious edge and great risk to reward ratios.   If you’re looking to dominate in your trading stocks and options more aggressively then you’ll want to take a look at this RightSide4 MicroDominator System.

  • Trades on micro level (usually between 30 min bars to 4 hour bars, mostly 1 hour to 2 hour bars) so we can get into swings, power swings, power trends and micro pops with better entries and exits for more points usually vs the “clunky” day bars
  • Better risk to reward ratios since we are using micro bars that usually have much smaller ranges vs. day bars.
  • Better clarity and control
  • Great precision over time shown with our method of approach.
  • Micro Swing trading can get one in and out of a position more quickly, even intraday (mostly on a position reversal stop out) so with that ‘pattern day trading rule’ (although RightSide4 trades are usually not that frequent) you’ll need a $25k account if you plan on not holding the position overnight vs. stopping out before the market close.  That said you can simple just hold a position overnight.

Ready to Start Dominating in Your Options & Stock Trading?

Take your options swing trading up another level in your pursuit for trading for a living. Acquire the potential for increasing cash flow while building retirement net worth. And this time do it on the micro level with the potential for more profit opportunities by going in between the swing. Get in to the price swing sooner and then get out later with more potential profit. Also risk to stop loss point is smaller so you can mange smaller risk per trade:

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