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Every Wish You Had the Ability to Play Chart Patterns Like a Trading Genius?

Every Wish You Had the Ability to Play Chart Patterns Like a Trading Genius?

You do know that the Guinness World Book record of successful trading was set by a guy who traded chart pattern breakouts don’t you?

How did he do it? Plenty of details are out there and you can look up the stories but essentially he got the feel of what stocks were excited and he looked for a certain type of consolidation breakout.  From there he just put his position on and risked $1 per share.

Now there are certain benefits whereas if one settles how much they are willing to take, as one draws such a line in the sand in that they look to ensure that they will only tolerate opportunities that will take off right away and anything that flinches back gets stopped out. So therefore it’s an attitude of not willing to tolerate bad behavior in a stock. Great value with that mindset. It has worked very well.

Unfortunately a large number of the biggest moves first to do a “juke out” test pull back before going on to do with big giant move therefore for stopping out a position that has a hyper small stop loss setting.

We find it overall better to coordinate the stop loss the price chart. But then again having such a tiny stop-loss can force ones mindset into picking only the most excited stocks. But then on the other hand you have to go to a ton of research to find these hot excited stocks. Why not just find a stock that can move around and swing well and simply trade that one stock over and over and keep life simple?

Well now you can because you have two methods here at RightCycle that will help you put yourself in position on a stock in a most excellent if not genius way to take advantage of the consolidation breakout cycle.  KATANA3 Trading Strategy is one and the RightCycle4 Trading System is another.

It is chart pattern trading but it isn’t. We are more interested in getting on the right side of the consolidation and breakout cycle versus looking to trade a variety of named chart patterns. In fact if one starts chasing after the variety of named chart patterns they could really become overwhelmed and confused and usually end up making no money.

But if you go to trade chart patterns through the way we look at trading chart patterns which is the concept of getting on the right side of the breakout from a consolidation then you could have potentially a lot more consistent success in your Trading.

So check out these two products because we feel that they could help you advance your trading considerably and quickly. It’s a big deal to understand how to get on and stay on the RightSide of the markets. And once you “get it” you could start to have a lot of success that you can compound what time.

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